Jiuzhitang Yonghe Qihang Fund intends to found Jiuzhitang Maker with investments

On 2 February 2018, Jiuzhitang Co., Ltd. officially announced that Jiuzhitang Yonghe Qihang Fund intended to found Jiuzhitang Maker (Beijing) Cell Technology Co., Ltd. with an investment of RMB 200 million. As the sole recipient of Stemedica's stem cell technologies, Jiuzhitang Maker (Beijing) Cell Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established on March 13. On March 27, Jiuzhitang Maker purchased a 4500 m2 facility at ZGC Biomedicine Industry Park located in Daxing District, Beijing. The facility shall function as a center for stem cell development and manufacturing which meets certification standards of China, United States and EU.