Jiuzhitang Maker was officially awarded Certificate of Zhongguancun High Technology Enterprise.


Approved by the Administration Committee of Zhongguancun Science & Technology Park, Jiuzhitang Maker (Beijing)  Cell Technology Co., Ltd. was officially awarded the Certificate of Zhongguancun High Technology  Enterprise on February 25, 2019. Indispensable to the development of the high technology industry, high technology enterprises represent an important force in readjustment of  industry structure and enhancement of national competitiveness. Taking an important strategic position in economic development of our country, high technology companies have been receiving a significant amount of attention, encouragement and support from governments at various levels for long.  Being certified as a high-tech enterprise signifies the scientific research capacity, technical strength, R&D efforts and sustainable innovation of Jiuzhitang Maker as well as a scientific approach to corporate governance have won wide recognition. Winning of this title shall inspire us to dedicate more time and energy to technical research and development in the future. Together, let’s work hard to secure a glorious future for Jiuzhitang Maker!