Press Conference of Jiuzhitang Qihang Fund’s Investment in Stemdica Cell Technologies, Inc.

On 14 September 2018, Press Conference - Jiuzhitang  Qihang Fund’s Investment in Stemdica Cell Technologies, Inc. & Global Stem Cell Industry Development Summit was held in Beijing.


More than 200 industry insiders comprised of well-known  domestic and overseas experts specializing in stem cell research, industry leaders and representatives from investment, securities, and press circles participated the event. The activity featured a signing ceremony between Qihang Fund and Stemedica for official announcement of the investment relationship. In addition, the name of Jiuzhitang Maker was formally unveiled, which marked commencement of Maker’s business operation.


This event received tremendous support from Zhongguancun Administration Committee and Daxing District Government. It is hosted by Administrative Committee of Z-Park Daxing Biomedicine Industry Park together with Jiuzhitang Co., Ltd., and co-sponsored by Zhongguancun Medical Device Park Co., Ltd. and World Medical Exchange Center (Beijing). Mr. Zhang Wenzhou, former Deputy Director of CFDA, Mr. Tian Dexiang, Director of Administrative Committee, Z-Park Daxing Biomedicine Industry Park, and Mr. Fu Duanlu, President of Zhongguancun Medical Device Park Co., Ltd. made speeches during the event.


As one of China’s leading pharmaceutical enterprises specializing in traditional Chinese medicine, Jiuzhitang Co., Ltd. announced in 2015 the strategic decision of reconfiguring the landscape of regenerative medicine by giving full play to its advantages as a player in the traditional Chinese medicine industry and leveraging world’s leading stem cell technologies. Through three years’ planning and preparation, Jiuzhitang Co., Ltd. established Jiuzhitang Maker (Beijing) Cell Technology Co., Ltd. as its fully-owned subsidiary on March 13, 2018, which marked the official commencement of its journey towards stem cell research, clinical translation and industrialization. On May 15, 2018, Jiuzhitang Co., Ltd. declared that Jiuzhitang Yonghe Qihang Fund, the buyout fund under its control has entered cooperation with Stemedica Cell Technologies, Inc. an internationally well-known stem cell research and manufacturing company by investing heavily in it.


In order to announce to public that JZT is undergoing strategic transformation in seeking to pioneer the field of stem cell drugs manufacturing and create favorable public opinions environment for launching stem cell drugs in the market, JZT Group made the timely decision of holding a press conference for Qihang Fund’s investment in Stemedica and global stem cell industry development summit. Besides drawing attention from industry insiders, JZT Group also wishes to Create opportunities for communication with cooperative hospitals, sales channels and institutional investors, so as to actively explore and expand the market by establishing strategic partnerships with these parties. World’s top experts specializing in stem cells will gather at the event to review technical hard-nuts and regulatory challenges that are bound to be encountered during the journey of manufacturing stem cell drugs, so as to enhance Sino-US exchanges of information and collaboration in the field of stem cells, conduct multi-center clinical trials, promote early availability of stem cell drugs in the Chinese market, and bring tangible benefits to Chinese people with regenerative medicine research findings.


In order to thank various parties for supports they’ve given, and also to provide industry experts, media, public and fellow practitioners attached to the development of stem cell business with an update on cutting-edge technologies and latest clinical applications in this field, the Global Stem Cell Industry Development Summit took place on September 14, 2018 in Beijing as scheduled. A number of celebrated domestic and overseas experts who have been involved in basic studies on and clinical applications of stem cells were invited to attend the summit. These distinguished attendees will explore technical hard-nuts involved in the process of transforming stem cell researches into drugs from perspectives of venture capitals, fundamental research, clinical applications, regulatory framework, etc.


Renowned industry experts at home and abroad served the audience with an academic feast: Dr. Aaron Ciechanover, 2004 Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Michael Levy, Professor at University of California San Diego School of Medicine, Dr. Joseph Maroon, Professor at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and Dr. Alex Kharazi, Chief Technology Officer of Stemedica Cell Technologies, Inc. delivered key speeches; Prof. Yuan Baozhu, Director and research fellow of Center for Cell Resources Storage and Research, National Institute for Food and Drug Control, Prof. Zhang Yanan from Beijing Tiantan Hospital, and Prof. Tian Ye, Chief of Cardiology of No.1 Hospital affiliated to Harbin Medical Sciences University presented applications of stem cells in China and appropriate quality control measures.


The Press Conference & Summit was covered by more than 40 mainstream medias including People’s Daily Online, China News Service,, Science and Technology Daily, four major securities daily, etc. Their reports created positive communication effects for the event. By presenting itself in front of the public for the first time, Jiuzhitang Maker successfully won favor of government agencies and funds, drew considerable interests of investment institutions, and realized an increase of 7% in JZT’s stock price.