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Premium Aesthetics (Russia)

Premium Aesthetics is a senior developer in the aesthetics and cosmetic surgery industry of Russia. The company has been a leader in the field of cosmetic surgery for more than a decade. Located in the heart of Moscow's business district, Premium Aesthetics offers skin condition diagnosis and physical examinations. It provides personalized solutions based on customers’ skin type to fully improve overall health, restore skin vitality and promote natural beauty. In addition, the company also provides advanced training courses for professionals practicing in the field of aesthetic medicine.

When executives of Premium Aesthetics visited Jiuzhitang Maker in 2018, the two parties signed a comprehensive Memorandum of Cooperation which defines healthcare, beauty, wellness and cell repair as potential cooperative areas. In the meantime, a mechanism of regular leadership meetings and long-term communication will be established to advance progress of cooperative projects between the two sides.


Premium Aesthetics (Russia)


Aesthetics services offered by Premium Aesthetics include:

• Plastic surgery

• Skin cosmetics program using laser

• Dietetics and Nutrition

• Reproductive beauty and endocrine conditioning

• Hair science, genetics and laboratory research

• Diagnosis and complex treatment

• Personalized anti-aging program

• Massaging

• Osteopathic therapy