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(Case I)Severe traumatic brain injuries caused by traffic accident

A 7 year old boy was hit by car. The accident caused widespread injury to his brain, leaving him in a vegetative state. He became quadriplegia with no bowel or bladder control. Rehabilitation treatments didn’t work on him.

(Case II) Alzheimer's disease

75 year old female with Alzheimer's disease: aggressive, family members not recognized, no memory recall, full time caretaker, no response to other treatments.

(Case III) Parkinson's disease

58 year old male suffering from Parkinson's disease for 3 and a half years: his hands kept trembling, and this symptom worsened as time went by.

(Case IV) Stroke sequelae

60 year old male with a height of 190cm: suffering from brain stem stroke, less than 97 pounds, food pureed & G tube delivered, without speech, “locked in” syndrome, completely paralyzed, less than seven months to live. Other treatment options did not work.

Jiuzhitang Maker selected as one of the Ten Key companies received “Comprehensive Service Package” offered by Daxing District

Daxing District Development and Reform Commission and Daxing Biomedicine Industry Base delivered “Comprehensive Service Package”...

Jiuzhitang Maker signed cooperation agreements with Novastem from Mexico and ALTACO from Kazakhstan

In September 2018, Jiuzhitang Maker (Beijing) Cell Technology Co., Ltd. signed cooperation agreements with Mexican company Novastem ...

From "Stem Cell Research" to "Stem Cell Pharmaceutical"-Jiuzhitang is a global leader in regenerative medicine

The Jiuzhitang Yonghe Qihang Fund initiated by the traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical company Jiuzhitang signed an ...

The city will establish the first domestic stem cell pharmaceutical production base

The city will establish the first domestic stem cell pharmaceutical production base