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Chronic heart failure lies in the end stage of development of many cardiovascular diseases. Problems such as coronary heart disease, hypertensive heart disease and cardiomyopathy may all eventually develop into chronic heart failure, when cardiac function is seriously impaired with structural changes. As the heart is unable to pump enough blood supply to organs and meet metabolic needs at this time, a number of precarious complications may follow with a high mortality rate.
A 7 year old boy was hit by car. The accident caused widespread injury to his brain, leaving him in a vegetative state. He became quadriplegia with no bowel or bladder control. Rehabilitation treatments didn’t work on him.
75 year old female with Alzheimer's disease: aggressive, family members not recognized, no memory recall, full time caretaker, no response to other treatments.
58 year old male suffering from Parkinson's disease for 3 and a half years: his hands kept trembling, and this symptom worsened as time went by.
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