Jiuzhitang Co., Ltd. and Stemedica Cell Technologies, Inc. made mutual visits on a good-will basis

On 7 March 2017, Mr. Liu Guochao, Vice President of Jiuzhitang Co., Ltd. and Dr. Yan Hai, Chief Scientist of REMD Biotherapeutics, Inc., accompanies by Mr. Simon Guo, President of Promedica China, made a visit to Stemedica Cell Technologies, Inc. They observed operation of Stemedica’s stem cell manufacturing platform, learned the unrivaled benefits of Stemedica’s cell products, and communicated with Stemedica on intent to establish partnership between two sides. On March 21, David McGuigan, Senior Vice President of Stemedica and Dr. David Howe, Medical Consultant of Stemedica visited Jiuzhitang Co., Ltd. They traveled to the company’s headquarter in Changsha, branch office in Hainan Province, and Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone, and then signed Memorandum of Cooperation with Jiuzhitang in Beijing. Finalization of cooperation with Stemedica symbolizes commencement of Jiuzhitang’s entry into the stem cell business.